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Are you trying to avoid those awful nervous butterflies and sweaty palms before and during your interview?

Be prepared

  1. Once you know where your interview is and scheduled time, make sure you have researched the area, you know exactly how long it will take you to get there especially when using public transport – there is nothing worse than arriving late.
  2. If driving yourself, it may be an option to do a test run the day prior to see where to park and how long it could potentially take so you don’t end up flustered on the day – We all know how a Sat Nav likes to fail at the most inappropriate times!
  3. What are you planning on wearing? Have you got appropriate clothing?
  4. Make sure you read over the job spec, write a clear list of experience that you have relating to the job spec and also the transferrable skills you will be able to use within any environment. This gives a great impression to the employer and shows how keen you are to get the role.
  5. Imagine some of the questions they could ask. Every interview has standard questions e.g. Tell me about yourself – they don’t want your personal life, they want you to hit the with buzz words relating to the job! Think of some scenarios that relate to the job and how you have resolved them, e.g. complaints, irate customers, biggest achievement or even strengths and weaknesses.
  6. You will definitely be asked if you have any questions you would like to ask. Have a good think about what is important to you and also what questions will impress a client – rather than salary, how about training and development plans? You can take a copy of these with you into the interview.
  7. Take a copy of your CV with you. Although you will have written the CV, re-read it and make sure you are comfortable with all the content and able to answer any questions that might be asked regarding it.
  8. Make sure you are well rested the night before, have a quiet night researching the role as you will be completely focused and at your best for interview.
  9. Upon arrival at your interview, make sure you wear a smile and are polite from the moment you walk through the gates, you never know who is watching and people make an opinion very quickly.
  10. Make sure you switch off your mobile phone and any other electronic devices.

Time to Shine

Once invited into the room, follow the below advice and you can’t go wrong!


  1. Greet the interviewer with a firm handshake (not pain inducing) but offer your hand to them and let the interviewer know you’re confident and a worthy contestant.
  2. Here’s a strange but proven tip– if your hands are shaking it is a proven fact that if you clench your bottom muscles that this will ease you shaking and cause you to relax!
  3. Wait to be invited to sit down once you have entered the room. It might be a bit embarrassing if you sit in the interviewer’s seat or at the other end of a boardroom table.
  4. Once you have sat down, don’t slouch and sit tall – your parents will have told you enough times when you were younger about slouching and the same rules apply here!
  5. Don’t avoid eye contact but try and look them in the eyes when speaking with them and keep your hands open and visible at all times. It’s a proven fact that you are more likely to be offered the job if your hands remain on show as it is a sign of confidence and honesty! Don’t be guarded and cross your hands as it could look like you are hiding something.
  6. Try to speak slowly and clearly so that the interviewer can write key words down and take it what you are saying. When under pressure some people will start talking quickly. You might not notice yourself doing this but try to be aware of whether you are speaking too fast. Think about your replies before you give them and take a breath between sentences.
  7. Remember to ask the questions you have prepared in advance of the interview. This enables you to gain a better knowledge of the role and see if it is what you are looking for – it’s a way of trying to learn the personality of the interviewer as you will be more relaxed while asking the questions.
  8. Be Yourself. Be honest, show your personality. It is proven that sometimes personality can win over an interview rather than skill. Not often but it does occur. It is very important as you will be spending a majority of your life working within a company, if you are not the right fit for this role, you will be for another one.
  9. Try to enjoy the interview. Be impressed that you got to this stage out of 100’s of potential applicants, be confident and aware of your abilities. The most important part of an interview is believing in your own skills and knowing you can do the job whether the employer does yet or not.

Stick to the above rules and you will have an improved shot at obtaining that dream job

When applying through Toucan, part of our role is to give you tailored interview advice to fit each role. We will happily talk through any of the above points or any other matters regarding the interview process with you including mock interviews if you do feel very nervous.

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